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Deli Nippon is a business-to-business marketplace for international food buyers(restaurants, hotels, cafes and other foodservice businesses) to find food & beverage products & services suppliers of Japan.

For Food Buyers, we offer a ‘one stop shop’ to source products and services from Japanese food suppliers. You will discover exciting new products and services and can connect with the suppliers directly.

For Food Products & Services Suppliers, we offer you an opportunity to market an innovative online food marketplace.

Company Information

Company name ASURIE Inc.
Our vision We will be a bridge between Japan and other countries.
Office Address Juhachi‐Shinwa Bank Fukuoka Bldg,5th floor,6-27,
Nishinakasu,Cyuo-ku,Fukuoka,Japan 810-0002
Established Jun 2019
Business Description Cross border Trading company
URL https://asucreate.co.jp/

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