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Youki Trading Co.,Ltd. – Japanese Maple Leaf tea

Youki Trading Co.,Ltd proudly introduces our seasoning brand YOUKI, which is sold in retail stores and used in restaurants in all over Japan. We also introduce Japanese maple leaf series which decorate your dish beautifully, like Japanese autumn scenery.

YAMASUE -Mentaiko,spicy cod roe, specialty store

We make our Mentaiko,spicy cod roe, in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, with great care and attention to detail.

HORIUCHI Co., Ltd. -Seaweed Vinegar Drink

Horiuchi is a company that has been researching and selling seaweed for many years. They have developed Japan's first health drink using fucoidan, which is extracted from seaweed.

Aqua Global Foods Co., Ltd.-Oyster

We currently produces many varieties of oysters. We are able to supply premium oysters when in season.

Asoshizen.com Co.,Ltd. -Jerusalem artichoke, beets, etc.

We grow, process, and manufacture healthy vegetables such as Jerusalem artichoke and beets at the foot of Aso.

Yamasan Co., Ltd. -Uji Green Tea

Providing high quality, reliable organic green tea and Japanese food products to the customers all over the world

Yoshimura Inc. -Dried fish specialty store

We have been in business since 1954. In 2017, we started operation of a new factory and obtained HACCP certification. The raw fish we use are carefully selected for their freshness and fat content.

HATAE -Sales of various marine products and vegan products

We sell a variety of marine products, mainly from Hokkaido, as well as vegan products and OEM production on consignment.

Ueda Shiitake Mushroom Specialty Store-Shiitake Mushroom

Since its establishment in 1947, the company has been producing dried shiitake mushrooms from Oita Prefecture with a focus on their delicious taste.

HAKUSUI-Fish paste product

A well-established fish paste shop that has been in business for over 100 years, focusing on traditional Japanese flavors.

ASO ICHIBANYA-Jerusalem artichoke

We are the professional manufacturer of Jerusalem artichoke. It is said to be 1.44 times more potent than tomatoes and 5 times more potent than red wine.

Ultimate Co., Ltd.-Beef and Seafood

“Ultimate Co., Ltd.” is a professional trading company of the quality food(beef and seafood) products to many countries.

Yamashita Kogei-Ceramic ware

Comprehensive wholesale manufacturer of natural bamboo, wood, ceramics, and glass.

Umiichi-Blue Fin Tuna

As a high-class tuna wholesaler, we will prepare the best tuna by examining the quality and freshness to meet our clients' requirements.

Saga Frozen Food Co., Ltd.

Established in 1892. The company develops, manufactures, and sells frozen foods. We aim to create a sustainable society while making the most of local resources.


We hope to use the power of technology to free ourselves from the various burdens we are forced to endure in order to stay healthy. Our goal is to create a world where people can continue to enjoy good food and good health.

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